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2009-02-24 15:00:00 by Gonif

Guys I really am feeling limited by my samples and VST's

I really need suggestions on where to get some samples, hopefully free ones


Also i neeed suggestions on some good VST's and Plugins just to make everything sound better




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2009-02-24 15:43:20

free VST's galore! Try 'em, some are awesome.

Gonif responds:


Ill check them out


2009-02-24 16:08:15

You might want to check out KVR Audio, they have links to a whole bunch of VST's, even though not all of them are free. I personally suggest you check out the tb series (I think that's what they're called): Peach, Toad and the others. They're different synths, from 8-bit to bass.

Also, I've noticed that you have no posts, which means that you have not yet been familiarized with the joy that is The Audio Advertisements thread. Seriously, find it in the Audio Forum (it's always on the first page), and post the URL address to your songs drectly in it (this will result in a very nice looking link thingy), along with a comment of the song. You'll probably attract more attention if you post links to a single song every few days, but I guess that's your choice.

Also, hanging in the Audio Forum can result in a sudden increase in reviews and scores, as people will notice you a lot more, and will be more willing to give constructive criticism on your work. Besides, there's always some useful threads with links to different VSTs, or simply threads with useful advice in making music in a specific genre. You might just want to pop your head in there every now and then. ;D


Gonif responds:

thanks man!

appreciate it!


2009-02-24 16:33:06


Make a Skype Account and Ill hook ya up im a Samples Fanatic I got Tons name your Genre and ill help ya out on Skype PM Me


2009-03-06 06:42:56

I want some samples for Electro House music... Don't know where there are some good ones, but you can find almost anything on


2009-03-06 06:44:30

I need some cool samples for Electro House music. Can't find any good ones.

But, anyway. Check they got almost everything there. I mean samples, they don't got any VST's


2009-03-09 17:28:11

that's illegal Labusch